Patent filing is a complicated process, which requires specialized skills and expertise in each phase. Having an experienced and well-prepared consultant at your side can make all the difference.

Prior to filing, we help our Clients to check whether their invention meets the requirements for patentability, to draft documents according to legal requirements and to the best practices in the sector, to write a description of the invention that maximizes the efficacy of filing and/or scope of protection obtained.

We also help them to choose the best filing strategy based on the protection objectives required, we carry out all the relevant procedures, prepare responses to examiners’ reports to overcome any objections to granting of the patent and manage any opposition proceedings.

After filing, we assist our Clients in the management of maintenance fees and in the management of any opposition and/or litigation proceedings.

Activities performed

  • Novelty searches and interference analysis
  • Patentability analysis of inventions
  • Drafting / preparing texts, drawings, forms and translations
  • Filing of patents, designs and utility models in Italy
  • Extension abroad through filing in foreign countries, European Patent filing or PCT filing (International Patent)
  • Managing opposition proceedings brought by and against the Client
  • Technical consultancy in invalidity and revocation proceedings